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Safety & Quality Management – IMG Services | Edmonton

Employing safe work practices and a safety-focused mentality are first and foremost to us at IMG Services, regardless of client or job. The safety of our employees, our clients and our surroundings takes paramount consideration, and we employ every measure possible to ensure the integrity of both our own safety program and that of our customers on each and every job.

IMG Services actively works to meet all required safety codes and practices and we are proud to employ a fully certified and highly safety-conscious team of HVAC technicians.

Each job, regardless of size, begins with a brief safety orientation on-site to ensure that both our technicians and the customer are familiar with any hazards or potentially dangerous conditions or situations that may arise within your facility or regarding a specific piece of equipment. Utmost care and consideration for safety is extended throughout the duration of a job, as part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of our team and yours.