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Institutional Facilities – Expert HVAC Services | Edmonton

In addition to our expertise in servicing commercial and light industrial facilities, IMG Services also offers specialized HVAC services tailored to Institutional Facilities, such as schools and government-operated buildings. While the number and complexity of HVAC systems in such facilities vary, the operations and personnel within these environments demand a specialized service approach.

With our extensive experience in servicing institutional facilities, IMG Services offers the technical expertise and familiarity with institutional environments to successfully deliver integrated HVAC services. Our professional technicians are fully-trained and certified to deliver expert HVAC services, tailored to meet the safety and security protocols in place within your specific institution.

We offer heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, controls and HVAC maintenance experience in a wide variety of institutional environments, including:

IMG Services specializes in professional HVAC services for commercial facilities such as:

Educational Facilities

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Post-secondary education institutions
  • Private education institutions

Government-Run Facilities

  • Government office buildings
  • Research facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Incarceration facilities
  • Military facilities

Other Institutional Facilities

  • Churches & religious facilities
  • Recreational facilities

IMG Services carefully considers the operational environment of each facility we work in, ensuring a high degree of sensitivity and respect for on-site operations, personnel, and safety. We also tailor our job estimation and project management processes specifically to clients in this sector to align with your procurement and payment preferences.

If you require service for an HVAC system or related equipment at your commerical facility, contact our office to schedule a call-back or book an appointment here.