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Restaurant & Food  Services – Quality Air Supply Services

A number of complex and unique HVAC systems and equipment play a role in the successful operation of a restaurant or food service facility. Paired with unique HVAC challenges in these environments, such as control of exhaust, temperature and humidity, the need for an expert HVAC partner in the restaurant industry is paramount.

IMG Services offers professional service and preventative maintenance of specialized restaurant HVAC systems, focused on optimizing operations and reducing downtime. Recognizing important regulations in food handling and food safety, IMG Services has proudly supported restaurateurs and food service businesses with our extensive experience in servicing critical HVAC systems and equipment.

Our experience in servicing this industry includes delivery of HVAC solutions to restaurants, food preparation facilities, and food and beverage manufacturing facilities. All services are delivered by our fully certified expert technicians, and include:

  • Kitchen exhaust systems
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Dining room air quality
  • Hood fans
  • Jet hoods
  • Outdoor air units
  • Makeup air units
  • Air supply units
  • Air transfer units

If you require service for an HVAC system or related equipment at your commerical facility, contact our office to schedule a call-back or book an appointment here.